Strategic Review
Running a series of annual residential 2-day events for the corporate management team + the leader of a city council. Challenges, scenario analysis, integrated strategy.

Senior team coaching
Coaching recently-appointed Heads of Service in a public body and supporting them in their development of a leadership programme which was part of their talent management scheme. Personal development, growth and change management were at the heart of this work.

Leadership Development Programme
Designing, managing and delivering the learning & development strand of 18-month leadership courses at a leading Business School. This included team development, creative problem-solving, emotional intelligence and reflective practices.

Team Development
Working over 6 months with the finance teams to strengthen areas of team-work and team development. Part of the process was helping them  dentify limiting factors and improvement areas.

Creativity and the Management of Innovation
Courses which focused on enhancing creativity in all areas of work, combined with the principles of applying the new ideas and realizing their benefits. Participants worked in highly practical ways on these issues.

Transition Coaching for new roles
Designing and delivering 3-month coaching programmes which greatly increased successful transitions to a new levels of operation and responsibility, for example to director level entailing a more corporate focus.

Leadership Coaching
Working with the newly-appointed headmaster of a secondary school in a difficult area on re-building the confidence and motivation of the teaching staff, thus achieving a very significant improvement in standards and results.

Creating a New Team after Management Buy-Out
Supporting the Chief Executive of an investment company and working with his new team. The process involved coaching him in selecting the people, working with team members individually, and running a series of team events to grow their capacity to work together and be jointly focused on key priorities.

Managing Creatives
A series of residential programmes for R&D and software development managers which addressed their needs in managing teams of highly creative and motivated staff.

Partnership Events
Two linked and highly interactive conferences in the health sector involving patients, carers, clinical staff, researchers and educators in forging new ways to work together on key issues in partnership working.

Cross-team working
This one-day development event brought together the 50 people making up the 5 teams involved in the different facets of treatment and research in muscular degenerative disease. The purpose was to explore the synergies between the different disciplines and to translate these into closer daily working and mutual support.

Stress Management for Managers
A series of one-day training events for management staff in the health service focusing on the skills required to recognize and deal with the problem of stress among the workforce. This included assessing the impact of their own management style.

Managing Stress and Change
Working intensively with senior managers in a high-street bank to respond creatively to an unexpected period of rapid change, restructuring and uncertainty..

Coaching and 360 Appraisal
Extensive coaching over many years at senior academic and administrative levels. This covered leadership issues, managing work relationships, thinking more strategically, building confidence and inter-departmental collaboration.